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Virtual Recess

We realize that many of our students are struggling socially and emotionally in the virtual learning environment not having the opportunity to see and interact with their friends.  So we will be starting a Virtual Recess/Break daily from 9:30-9:45am starting on August 24.  This is a completely optional activity.  We want to provide our students the opportunity to get their wiggles and side conversations out in a safe environment.  We will be utilizing the Google Meet platform for our Virtual Recess. 

AHE Virtual Recess 20-21


Purpose: Provide a virtual space for students to interact with each other.  It is optional for students.  


Be Respectful

  • Students will use appropriate language in chat box and within the meet.
  • Students will use appropriate voice level (no screaming and yelling). 

Be Responsible

  • Students should not login until the campus supervisor has opened the meet.
  • Students should log out when notified by staff (at least 2-3 minutes prior to 10:00).

Be Safe

  • Students will not chat with people they don't know.

Staff will monitor and have the option to dismiss students from the meeting who are not behaving appropriately.  Staff will report inappropriate behavior to admin to follow up with parents/families

Grade level

Google Meeting 




Grade 2 and 3


Grade 4 and 5